By using the 3D-CAD/CAE-Software RUKON-TGA enable project times to be kept short.
It offers more quality and safety in planning and realization of a building’s technical infrastructure, of building technology and building´s HVACR.

The automated design- and change-functions and the integrated calculation of the CAD-System RUKON-TGA will lead to greater efficiency and flexibility and it gives you a majortechnological advantage in the planning of:
shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, industrial plants, airport terminals, merchant and passenger ships, machinery and production facilities.

The Software RUKON-TGA has the followings performance features:
– Planning and calculation during a single work process
– Integrated components databases
– Collision control, batch extracts, parts lists
– Automatically created sectional drawing and details
– Automatic modification services
– Output of a graphic piece list and NC-Data
– Data exchange formats DWG, DXF, DGN
– 3D-Visualization, tracking shots, and much more.

Technische und Administrative Computer-Systeme

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D-48149 Münster

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HOTTGENROTH & TACOS GmbH has been developing CAD systems for many years now which have just one goal: practice. The best solutions are, after all, those which not only fulfil your demands and wishes but surpass them. With professional know-how and technological pioneering work, our products are permanently optimized for these standards.

Owing to the co-operation with specialist firms and university institutes of various disciplines, new specialized knowledge keeps on flowing into our systems. Close contact with our customers and suppliers enables that RUKON is permanently adapted to rising standards of practice.

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