Product description

Swivel-ring burners

for heating gas suction air respectively compressed air

For workpiece diameters of 20-1500 mm.
Variousburner sizes in intervals of 20 mm.
With adjustable half of the burner.

Standard design

Natural gas compressed air
Propane compressed air

For preheating, soldering, deducting, shrinking.

More burning modes:

– Burner system
– Interior heating torch
– Lance burner
– Series burner
– Ring burner
– Segment burner


Tube processing machines, printing samples, industrial burners.

For more than 25 years the E. Büker Rohrtechnik company is grown to a solid and innovative partner for companies working in the field of pipeline construction, plant and power-plant services, in the chemical industry and for suppliers in the automotive industry.

Our core competencies cover mobile systems and all-in-one solutions for the pipe working and innovative firing technology.

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