SANHA® Wall heating modul

SANHA wall heating modules are a completely new, space-saving system for room heating and cooling. The system is characterized by the exceptionally high living comfort it provides, the ease of installation, very high energy efficiency compared to conventional heating systems as well as its positive impact on our health.

SANHA wall heating modules can be installed nearly everywhere, even in roof slopes.

The module is a patented, pre-constructed element made of special heating mortar and includes integrated multi-layer plastic pipes (PE-RT/AL/PE-RT). The maximum heating capacity is 210 W/m². All modules can be operated with a supply temperature of up to 60 °C. The heating mode is certified in accordance with EN 1264.

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The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of pipe systems for drinking water, gas, solar, heating, cooling and sanitary applications for use in domestic and industrial settings. We have approximately 8500 items in our product ranges, covering most commonly used materials such as Copper, Copper Alloys, Stainless and Carbon steel, as well as our innovative Silicon Bronze, lead free fittings, for use in Drinking Water applications.

Our premium systems are installed throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia, in domestic, industrial, commercial and even Shipbuilding industries. With our large portfolio, manufactured from a wide range of materials, SANHA is recognised as a respected partner of distribution and installation companies alike. As a family owned and operated business, SANHA has over 50 years of experience, employs over 650 staff and turns over app. 100 million Euro.

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