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The KMR Service GmbH is specialized since 1995 in district heating plant and a partner who can offer the highest levels of quality and reliability with its services and deliveries.

The company operates primarily as Nachisolierunternehmen and in the area of plastic welding for pipeline and container construction.

The KMR Service GmbH is certified according to AGFW FW 605, and thereby gives its customers the guarantee of quality-oriented work. The company’s employees have the necessary approvals for joint installation and welding of plastics.

Services and delivery program

1. Food & district heating lines

– Rigid plastic casing ( single and double pipe )
– Flexible plastic casing with steel carrier pipe
– Flexible plastic casing as PEX pipe ( single and double pipe )
– Folded spiral ( spiro ) tube ( single and double pipe )

The pipe systems are produced according to this valid in Germany standards and delivered in the common insulation thicknesses .
The tubes may be equipped with any monitoring systems . The delivery lengths are 6 , 12 , 16 m .

2. District Heating Service

The KMR Service GmbH has a bearing on common components for district heating pipes .
For these components, a short-term availability of products is given .

2.1 Resupplying

– to underground plastic jacket pipe systems
(Hand and machinefoaming)

– Of any fittings manufacturers , which are intended for direct burial
– Subsequent insulation and installation of all commercially available leak monitoring systems

2.2 Trading

Since 2005, the KMR Service GmbH works in cooperation with the firm ZPUM ,
a powerful Polish producer of plastic pipe systems .

The pipe systems are checked to German and Western European test institutes and comply with the standards in accordance with EN and DIN . The KMR Service GmbH has the sole distribution rights of products from ZPUM in Germany.

2.3 Manufacture of molded parts and special components

On the basis of current DIN, EN and AGFW- regulations , directives are to customer specifications components such as
KMR special degree arcs , KMR – feeders , sleeve pipes prefabricated with screw cap and other components in the workshop .

In the production of these parts are KMR modern CNC controlled machines operated . Welds that must be produced at the site , are always carried out with an appropriate for the task at extrusion device .

2.4 Fault location and revision of district heating pipes

– Plant inspections , determine the system status
– Verification and fault location of all conventional leak detection systems
– Documentation of the actual course of pipe and leak warning system
– Reworking the lack of documentation

2.5 Thermography

– Thermographic inspection of district heating pipes

3. Bioenergy , biogas plants and agriculture

– Construction of biogas plants of various sizes and equipment
– Structural analysis
– Delivery of district heating pipes , container construction , resupplying
– Pesticides :
Disinfection , rodent control , Hallenentwesung

4.0 Plastics Processing & amp; Behälterbau

The KMR Service GmbH manufactures plastic container according to the foreseen plan either on site or in the workshop .
A corresponding static analysis is to come if desired.

KMR can customize with its modern plate welding machine containers in all dimensions with wall thicknesses up to 20 mm .
Furthermore, for example, trays , boxes , profiles , special container , condensate shafts , sumps and floating islands can be produced.

KMR-Service GmbH

Gewerbepark 3
D-17039 Trollenhagen

Phone: +49 (0) 0395 / 45 55 86 40
Fax: +49 (0) 0395 / 45 55 86 49



For further information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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