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Efficiency through automation
Efficiency: a key concept in relation to industrial systems. To achieve it, it is necessary to coordinate all processes perfectly. The prerequisite for this is no less than absolute precision – precision in a degree as it can be reached only through automation. The ASTRA Software GmbH is the right partner at your side when it comes to automation. Since 1990, our international company developing innovative solutions for system, automation and control systems in various Geschäftsfeldern.Was we mean by “solution”? We support our customers from the initial planning stage through the elaboration of the concept, the design and software development to the commissioning of the plant and even far beyond. care, waiting For years and we supply with spare parts.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Efficiency through IT solutions
The success of a company is one more than the smooth operation of its facilities. With our IT solutions, we offer you everything you need is the software side of communication technology for standard commercial applications to database applications.

Efficiency through competence
For efficiency and competitiveness capability as important as the automation: The comprehensive, competent support of automation projects before, during and after its implementation. Our comprehensive services related to automation, we support you in all aspects.

ASTRA Software GmbH

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