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The products are distributed exclusively through the compressed air specialist retailers who provide competent advice on site and carry through its own technicians to install kann.

AIR CONCEPT® is the market leader in compressed air piping systems made of aluminum. Due to the consistent new development 50% time can be saved to the previously used system during installation.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Aluminiumprofil simplyAIR

The innovative piping system for compressed air and liquids. There currently are 6 profiles from 18 to 80 mm nominal diameter available.

Compressed air piping systems simplyAIR

– Compatible with all major systems
– Air removal at any desired location

Piston and screw type

Large product range of oil-free and oil-lubricated compressors for hobby and professional use.

– Small compressors for Hobby, oil-free and oil lubricated
– Directly coupled reciprocating compressors for Hobby
– Directly coupled piston compressors for the building trade
– V-belt driven piston compressors , mobile
– V-belt -driven reciprocating compressors, stationary
– Silenced piston compressors
– Rotary Screw
– Dental compressors
– Compressed air refrigeration dryer

Compressed air accessories and workshop equipment

The complete technology for the distribution and servicing of compressed air. The compressed air accessories including couplings, blow guns, spiral hoses and soft Pneumohoses in industrial quality.

– Safety couplings and pneumatic accessories
– Couplings
– Blow
– Air gun with splash
– Spiral hoses
– Soft – air hoses

Air Line Equipment

The intelligent future for Pneumatics: Air Manager and Service units
of aluminum. Please also refer to our maintenance tools catalogue.

AIR CONCEPT Druckluft-Systeme GmbH

Borsigstraße 10
D-38644 Goslar

Phone: +49 (0) 5321/ 6 86 56 -0
Fax: +49 (0) 5321/ 6 86 56 -29


The advertised products:

For further information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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