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Your supplier for tube coils, heat exchangers and process equipment

Henkel Rohrverformungstechnik manufactures ready-to-install complex tube coil systems, components and welded parts made of various materials for the chemical and petrochemical industry, for heat recovery processes, plant and apparatus engineering and for general pipeline construction.

We are committed to flexibility, high quality, expertise, reliability and delivery on time, as well as good partnership and long-term relations with our customers. Our company obtained the AD HP-0 certificate and we hold ASME U- and S-Stamp certificates. The quality assurance programme is certified according to ISO 9001.

Work fields:

• Design & Dimensioning
• Drawings and parts lists
• Calculations and preliminary evaluations

Mechanical Processing
• CNC processing

Heat Treatment
• Local annealing
• Annealing of full component assemblies
• Vacuum annealing

Surface treatment
• Pickling, Passivating
• Zinc coating
• Sandblasting, Glass beads blasting. etc.
• Various anti-corrosive coatings

Tube Coils
From tube coils for lab applications to syngas coolers for refineries

We manufacture cylindrically-bent half-tube elements und fit pipes to torispherical heads

Pipeline Construction
We manufacture complete pipeline systems as well as components with a diameter of up to DN 800 and a pressure rating of up to PN 160

Spiral Pipes
We manufacture spiral pipes as single elements or as ready-to-install spiral bundle.

Pipe elbows / U Pipes
We bend U pipes, hairpins, meander tubes up to a pipe diameter of 88,9 mm

Wage Welding
Single parts and series, pipelines, components, machinery piping

Certifications, destructive and non-destructive testing according to customer specification or as per applicable regulations according to AD, DGRL, ASME, EN 13445.

Rohrverformungstechnik GmbH

Setzer Straße 8
D-57223 Kreuztal-Buschhütten

Phone: +49 (0) 271 / 7 73 49 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 271 / 7 73 49 – 19


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