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Euro-Matic was founded as a manufacturer of plastic blow-molding in 1958 in Sweden. With the production of hollow plastic balls was started in 1965 in Denmark. In the year 2005 the production was taken over by the company Weener Plastic Packaging Group and in 2007 moved to Hungary.

Since 1980, there is a sales office for the Euro-Matic balls in Witzenhausen. From here Customers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium and supervised in Scandinavia.

Services and delivery program

Euro-Matic balls made ​​of PP, PE and PVDF are used, for example, as: packing, valve balls, floating balls, Abdeckkugeln, for odor reduction, match balls in the ball pool in play areas, as therapy balls, game balls, roll-on balls and more.

Floating Balls: Applications for the reduction of heat loss, evaporation loss, oxygen input, odors, action of light, acid mist in ponds of electrolysis systems and protection of waterfowl.

Cover Balls: EURO-MATIC balls reduce the evaporation by about 90%. This will save you in the pool hall up to 80% energy and 70 % with a free pool. Euro-Matic balls keep clear the water surface insects. The algae and the use of chemicals can be reduced.

Valve Balls: Polished plastic hollow balls as valve balls. As polished plastic balls the valve balls in different materials ( PP and PVDF ) and sizes are available as hollow and partially as solid spheres. Numerous applications .

Bird Ball: The perfect way to camouflage open water areas for birds at airports .

Game Balls: Euro-Matic is the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of hollow plastic beads . It produces match balls in Europe and the USA since 1969. The experience of the use of the balls in many applications is unrivaled throughout the industry.

Packings: Euro-Matic balls, for example, for fluidized bed scrubber.

Uwe Steinfeld GmbH

Steinbergstraße 12
D – 37216 Witzenhausen

Phone: +49 (0) 5542/ 9 32 90
Fax: +49 (0) 5542/ 7 14 87


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