FOAMGLAS® is the proven high performance cellular glass insulation for industrial and building applications.

FOAMGLAS® is produced from unlimited resources of naturally occuring raw materials. Silica sand, dolomite and lime, together with other additives are used to produce a high-quality glass with defined physical properties.
It is then ground into a fine powder and mixed with a small amount of carbon. It is put into stainless steel moulds which pass through a cellulating oven. The carbon and the oxygen from the glass foam to produce millions of hermetically sealed glass cells.

The FOAMGLAS® block is then passed through an annealing furnace to allow carefully controlled cooling of the block.

Raw materials and manufacturing process guarantee the exceptional FOAMGLAS® qualities. The manufacturing process minimises the use of energy by heat recycling ensuring an ecologically sound insulation product.

In the production no ozone depletion gases are used. The installation of FOAMGLAS® does not require any protective measures which exceed common professional care practice. During use FOAMGLAS® is a safe product for health and the environment. This is why ecosensitive engineering offices and owners nowadays prefer FOAMGLAS® solutions.


– Piping
– Steel storage tanks and vessels
– Concrete tanks
– Air ducts
– Industrial chimneys
– Cold stores.



Nicht brennbar



Impervious to water vapour


High compressive strength

With low temperature applications – low as -260°C – FOAMGLAS® remains dry on the surface because the material is completely impervious to water vapour.
There is neither condensation nor ice forming: a primary condition to avoid risks of damage from corrosion under insulation.

With high temperature applications – up to +430°C – the non-combustibility is a major FOAMGLAS® advantage. It will not absorb flamable gases or media and therefore does not contribute to the development and the propagation of fires.

With cyclical temperatures the principal benefits are the low thermal inertia and the imperviousness to water vapour. FOAMGLAS® minimizes water intrusion and retention and the thermal conductivity will not increase.

The combination of high thermal performance and compressive strength makes FOAMGLAS® the ideal solution for the insulation of storage tank bases and vessels.

For the most arduous conditions in
industrial applications proven system solutions are available.

Our sales engineers will provide expertise:

– in thermal calculations for services, equipment and details

– with calculation method examples

– by specification guides, worksheets and technical drawings for all FOAMGLAS® applications

– with site instruction to assist the
construction manager

– by references, test certificates, expert reports, databases of suppliers and insulation contractors.


Deutsche FOAMGLAS® GmbH

Your partner for innovative insulation systems.

Straße des Friedens 6
D – 98739 Schmiedefeld

Phone: +49 (0) 36701 / 65 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 36701 / 65 – 100


The German FOAMGLAS® GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of Pittsburgh Corning Europe SA and was established in 1969. FOAMGLAS® is made from natural , almost unlimited occurring mineral raw materials ( sand, dolomite , lime ) . The insulating material contains no ozone-depleting propellants (CFC / HCFC , etc.) , flame retardant agent or binder.

The produced FOAMGLAS® insulation is used in all fields of building construction and industry .

In the whole of Germany the German FOAMGLAS® GmbH has sales offices , which are staffed with trained sales engineers . These employees are always available for the service – also on site – available .

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